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There was more work to be done and room for improvement, so in 2004 we added a kitchen that served great food, thought that was still not enough, so in 2015 we brought in a chef. Now we are a friendly bar that serves fantastic food with a great staff and personality, and we will still keep you informed on any upcoming events.

The Main Event is best known for our food, daily lunch & dinner features and offsite catering. Breakfast is available Saturday & Sunday from 8am – noon.
Our front room is perfect for private parties as well as our outside patio area, complete with a big screen TV and fire pit.

With this though in mind, on May 9th 2002, The Main Event was established as a bar by owner Bonnie Brinkley. 
About Us
A planned public or social occasion
How The Main Event came up with it's name:​
You were THE public, the MAIN
source of EVENT

In the early 80's, before cellphones locals would all gather at restaurants, bars and other establishments. They'd talk about what movie was playing, or who's wedding they were going to, or who was having a birthday party that weekend. You'd have to go to your friendly local bar rather than a hand held electronic device if you wanted to get your social or public media.